How to be a Brand Magnet! Work With Brands & Grow Your Business

So I have this friend, Crissy Herron, who has this great website about marketing your business and working online.

I’ve known Crissy for YEARS… Close to, oh I’d say, ten years now.

Over the years I’ve always been in AWE of how Crissy is able to attract MAJOR brands to her business and get them to give her stuff, trips, a car and even a job! So much so in fact that I have been wanting to learn her secrets for myself and my business.

Remember those companies I mentioned? She’s received a CAR from Chevrolet to drive around for a month along with cool gift certificates to places like spas and events, plus gas money! She’s received gift cards to give away on her blog, free books to review, products to test. She’s been featured by Vitamix (free exposure!) and gotten free travel and hotel stays and discounts.

I mean COME ON… who’s not feeling jealous of her right now! I know I always get a little twinge anytime I hear about what she’s gotten lol. I’ve got catching up to do for sure I know Crissy is THE person to learn from. She does it so naturally and it’s all in the ‘little things’ she knows how to do that get her these results. We are in the same business, do basically the same things but I’ve NEVER received free stuff… so I’m obviously NOT the person to learn this from.

While free stuff is very cool you might wonder how this helps your business. Oh it helps, for sure. Here are some ways:

  • Credibility… What do you think it can do for your business to have your name alongside some of the most trusted brands out there? A lot! Credibility is a BIG DEAL in an industry and in an environment where mistrust is a big obstacle to overcome. Just the fact that you work with companies will build your credibility, because it shows as a company you understand that you simply can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Income… Crissy didn’t only get free stuff, she also ended up getting paid gigs out of the relationship she created with brands. In one instance she was paid by Chevrolet to also be their social media person online. She got PAID to post on Facebook (ug… dream job anyone?).
  • Affiliate Income… Yes this is another form of income but as you are working with brands and already promoting them you can use affiliate links to talk about them which can earn you income when someone clicks and buys. You’re likely to make sales because you are personally recommending these products and using them yourself.

Excited to work with brands?  I bet! So am I! That’s why I’ve signed up for Crissy’s Six Week Training on this very topic! I can’t wait!  See… Here’s my anticipation face >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you’re interested in learning how to work with brands it would be awesome if you join me in this program.

If you want to first get a taste of what Crissy has to offer you I suggest you get yourself signed up for her totally FREE Preview Video Training Series << Click there!

If you like the series it’s only natural you’ll want some more info and you’ll want to get signed up for the full six weeks. If that’s true email me.  My email is … Also if you have any questions let me know!!!

So you want all the awesome benefits of working with brands, right? No doubt!

Do this:

  1. Get signed up for Crissy’s completely free preview video series on Working With Brands.
  2. Email me at (or if you have any questions about the training).
  3. Sign up for Crissy’s full six week course on How to Work With Brands & Get Great Sponsorships!

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